Products designed for your market

Myra works on projects ranging from everyday objects and professional tools to industrial applications and high-tech devices. Myra develops products and interaction designs that communicate the brand through form, function, and innovation.

How to reach your goals

Design thinking is a method or approach that designers use to solve complex problems. It is common that people have the perception that designers get an idea and then make it look good. Actually, the design process is much more complex. Design is about solving problems, understanding how people behave and how things work. To succeed, it is necessary to understand the users and their needs. At Myra, we have divided our design process into logical steps to clarify the work method and the result we create.

The steps to a successful product

Within the product design process, we work with design strategy, design manual, concept, design documentation, request documentation, manufacturing documentation, modeling, prototype production, consulting, investigation, and training. Our extensive experience in both design, materials and production enhances our understanding of economic processes and outcomes. Every step of the way, we work in close collaboration with our clients to create the right condition to deliver a successful result.


  • Product Design Concepts
  • User Studies and User Testing
  • Mock-ups and Prototypes
  • Surface Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Graphics
  • Color, Material, Finishing


User-Centered Process
  1. 1. Research
  2. 2. Ideation
  3. 3. Concepts
  4. 4. User tests
  5. 5. Final Design
Jon-Karl Sundh
Project Manager / Industrial Designer
+46 708 605 650