Nov 7th, 2022

Myra, Part of Prevas

Sep 27th, 2022

Hello Adam!

The link between idea and user

Since the start in 1976, Myra has worked with over 300 companies to develop products that improve everyday life. We always have the user as the starting point for the development, and our results are characterized by functionality, interaction, ergonomics and aesthetics. Our work covers a wide range of areas – from everyday products and professional tools to medical and high-tech devices. Our office is located in one of Stockholm’s most beautiful and historic neighborhoods, not far from Stockholm’s city center. Not only are we one of Sweden’s top industrial design offices, we are also excellent collaborators and design partners.
Welcome to Myra!




Our work and experience cover the most diverse fields and products

We provide services in all development phases

Each project is unique and our design process will be adjusted accordingly

We help you effectively achieve your goals by working through a transparent staged development process. While each project requires a unique plan, experience conveys that the end result always is best when all defined phases are included in the design work.

  • 1. Research

    Through research, benchmarking, trend analysis, user interviews and contextual studies, we gain valuable insight and understanding into the user and their context.

  • 2. Ideation

    The insights from the research and user studies are used as foundation for the creative process. Quick mockups and sketches are tools for evaluation and different scenarios are defined to correspond to the needs and requirements of the project.

  • 3. Concept

    Working closely with the client, ideas are narrowed into well-defined concepts. We organize our research and explorations into cohesive strategies and present them to the client.

  • 4. Design refinement

    Refinements are made to produce a final design proposal. Physical forms are defined, documented and delivered as 3D CAD files. Together with all other necessary material such as renderings, product graphics, colour codes, and reports, we deliver a comprehensive design package.

  • 5. Industrialisation

    We provide support through the final stages and act as a sounding board for design and construction. We can further support our clients through presentations, models and prototyping that accurately reflect the brand vision and the strength of our collaboration.


  • Jon-Karl Sundh

    CEO / New Business/ Industrial Designer MFA
    +46 708 605 650

  • Stina Juhlin

    Industrial Designer MFA
    +46 708 641 405

  • Magnus Olsson

    Surface Designer/Industrial Designer
    +46 739 233 567

  • Caroline Larsson

    Industrial Designer
    +46 73 037 06 62

  • Julia Treutiger

    Industrial Designer MFA
    +46 704 530 314

  • Adam Landström

    Industrial Designer
    +46 73 372 83 65

  • Anders Holmqvist

    Senior Mechanical Design Engineer M.Sc.
    +46 70 860 69 50

  • J-P Hagström

    Interaction Designer MFA