SAMBA II, a HIV blood analyzer providing rapid viral load measurement, especially for infant diagnosis. The instrument enables health care in the most challenging and resource-limited environments.

SAMBA ll is ideal for point-of-care use. The rapid results allow therapeutic interventions while the patient is still on site. This significantly reduces time to treatment and loss-to-follow-up, thus improving patient outcome.
The overall design goal was to create an expression consistent with the product’s outstanding and patented technique and purpose. Use and intuitiveness have been main focus in the design process for physical handling, graphics and GUI flow.
The system has been designed for use by a range of operators and doesn´t require highly skilled personnel or sophisticated infrastructure. The cartridges and insertion of them, are designed to minimize user error, and the testing can be started within a minute.
The display module has an integrated barcode reader and the user-friendly touch screen GUI allows for manual data input. Results are automatically analyzed and recorded once the test is complete.
Each year appr. 300000 children get HIV through birth. SAMBA II will make a big difference in the developing world due to a major focus on early detection of the HIV virus in infants. Babies of HIV infected women in primitive conditions, suffers a very high risk of also being infected. This is due to inadequate hygiene and poor health facilities and a fast virus detection can change many lives. With Samba ll a test result determining whether or not the child has HIV virus is obtained within 90min, which also means that preventive treatment can be initiated instantly.

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