Cooloc is a small beacon that help you keep track of your things.
Mobile technology means that we can help each other to guard each other’s possessions.  Put the Colooc eye on what you want to protect, and you will be informed directly if it moves in the mobileapp a map shows where the eye is located.  All through the interaction of our mobile phones equipped with the Coloocs app.
When the eye is activated it sends out a signal that the applications in the phone can perceive up to 50 meters away. This information is from the nearest app/phone via internet to your app/phone and you look at a map exactly where the eye is located.
In places where valuable items are collected, such as many bicycles, mopeds, boats and the like, different listeners are to be set up.
They have greater range and alerts you immediately if your bike gets stolen outside the train station or the sports site.

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    Hanna Ydremark

    Industrial Designer MFA / Design Strategy +46