The assignment was to, in cooperation with Bahco/SNA Europe, develop the new ERGO assortment of hammers. The goal was to develop a handle with abundant grip variations.

Rigorous studies were made to investigate how each tool is used and handled. The results were analyzed and constituted the basis for the ideas and principle prototypes generated. The prototypes were subjected to tests and trials and eventually resulted in the final design of the hammer.

The resulting hammer has both a power grip and a precision grip that provides good friction between hand and handle. Good balance between head and handle is provided, and the design allows for better overview of the hammer head. The hammer also answers to the new requirements regarding work at high heights, declaring that tools should be secured to persons working above a certain height. This has been solved by a fixture on the hammer which is strapped to a belt or other parts of the clothing.

The hammer is comfortable, attractive and gives the user control, comfort and precision. 2012 it was awarded with a Red Dot.




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