Myra has developed a digital solution for efficient and safe front loader operations, Q-companion, together with our client Ålö. Equipped with a digital screen and smart sensor technology, Q-companion is what smart farming is all about: embracing new technology to make work easier, safer and more efficient. With Q-Companion, you weigh as you lift. The weighing feature has been developed and tested especially for farm-related applications, such as scooping, bale handling, silage handling and pallet handling. The Q-companion monitor also displays your implement position and helps you find the right angle on your first attempt, reducing the need for corrections. Reference positions can be stored for each implement, making your next work session even more efficient. Displaying the current and remaining lifting capacity using the same view is another benefit of the system. It helps you to not overload your loader, so the vehicle is stable at all times.

Myra has been working with research, user tests, user flow and graphics on the screen, and we are very proud af the result!