Myra has together with Xylem designed Flygt Concertor™,  the worlds first Wastewater Pumping System with Integrated Intelligence. This new wastewater pumping system senses the operating conditions of its environment and adapts its performance in real time to provide feedback to station operators. The built-in intelligence makes it quicker and easier to set-up and operate functions that would otherwise require a very sophisticated monitoring and control system. We have achieved all this with a significantly smaller footprint.

Xylem has a large number of products where Myra is responsible for giving the products a cohesive design that strengthens Xylem’s corporate identity.
Since the products are used in a rugged environment, it’s an extra challenge for Myra to give the product the robust expression that they deserve.
Myra has today a constant and continuous collaboration with Xylem and we look forward to the launch of all future products.