Senzime develops unique patient-oriented monitoring systems that make it possible to assess patients’ biochemical and physiological processes before, during and after surgery.
CliniSenz is the first product that is a result of cooperation between Myra and Senzime.
In this project, Myra Industriell Design has been responsible for the design and function, and have ensured that the instrument has become easy to use.

CliniSenz is a unique platform, consists of the instrument CliniSenz Analyzer and the sampling device OnZurf Probe. CliniSenz is designed to improve patient outcomes by delivering specific, accurate and easy-to-use patient-monitoring solutions.
The instrument enables continuous and fast sampling of small volumes of lactate and glucose, which in a matter of minutes can reveal metabolic trends of organ status.
We are of course proud that the product has been so well received and now we look forward for more product launches shortly.