During one of the world’s largest retail trade shows: Retail’s Big Show 2016 in New York, Opticon shows up a new smart watch designed by Myra.

We can probably say that the new clock is the smartest watch in the world. No other watch has so many built-in sensors and functions as Opticons clock without becoming to large. In addition to all the classic sensors, the new clock has functions such as temperature, air pressure, humidity and stress gauges. All functions are held together by a very intuitive interface.

Thanks to a close and optimal project collaboration, the new watch has been designed, developed and produced in to a fully functional prototype in just 2 months.

Now we just waiting for the audience’s response so that the watch can be launched in full swing.

Opticon is a pioneer and worldwide manufacturer of innovative digital signage and scanning solutions. Opticon has for several years chosen Myra as their design partner. And of course we look forward to plenty of more innovative products together with Opticon.